Gamini Ranasinghe

VP SE Asia

Endowed with authority and responsibility through over twenty years of converting ideas into action, Mr. Gamini. A. Ranasinghe, is a very capable businessman. He has a humanitarian spirit and is genial, meets his customers with an open mind, and, is a gracious host. Mr. Ranasinghe is a businessman of courage and sincerity. He also has wide political experience. With incisive scrutiny, he has taken many targeted actions and has been able to drive growth in the fields of aviation, tourism, travel, employment, plantations, education construction and telecommunications. Mr. Ranasinghe broad knowledge of human behavior and ability to, assess and manage risks, has given him the capacity to plan and act globally, to achieve value-driven corporate management. While on the Board of Directors of the Sri Lanka Bureau of Foreign Employment under the Sri Lanka Government Ministry of Labor, Mr. Ranasinghe demonstrated dedication and intensity to promote economic opportunities in the Middle East, for Sri Lankans and the Sri Lanka Government.

In the import-export trade he has successfully cashed in on emerging opportunities, also in the tea plantation sector. Mr. Ranasinghe has entered the telecommunications industry in Sri Lanka and is an EGO license holder (VOIP). Mr. Ranasinghe is also currently an S.D.S. member of Sri Lanka foremost Girls School, Visakha Vidyalaya in Colombo, where he is contributing his dynamism and wealth of experience.