CryptoCurrency Mining

Viper Networks has been actively expanding its Smart City solutions with its Smart Poles, concealed security & surveillance cameras, broadband & wireless communications, digital information panels, environmental sensors, electric vehicle charging systems, renewable energy and now its own blockchain technology.

The main purpose of these new breakthrough technologies of solid-state cooling and renewable energy power generation is to reduce heat emissions and overall energy consumption for blockchain mining. This will greatly improve efficiency by lowering the cost of the mining operation by at least 50%.

The Viper Networks mining operation will use the most advanced Graphical Processing Units (GPU’s) in the industry to produce the best hash rates needed for high profitability and return on investment. These technologies can be integrated into numerous industries and applications.

Viper Networks’ President, Mr. Farid Shouekani, stated: “Viper Networks is committed to bring new technologies to fuel the growth of the company. These new capabilities allow us to exploit the massive growth opportunities in the crypto space. EcoTech is our first initiative to significantly expand our new technologies and product line into our Smart City projects which incurred some delays due to the pandemic and current supply chain conditions.”

President Shouekani continued: “The board has revoked the approval of the company stock reverse split as they do not find it the most suitable option due to better options available to the company.”