About Viper Networks

We are

a provider of high-quality smart city products and Internet of Things (IoT), serving commercial and municipal customers, national and international with the best quality made in the USA. We are client driven and will provide our clients with the best possible products & services.

Viper Networks is a premier telecommunications and network engineering solution provider in the field of Smart Street Lights and Smart Poles technology, Renewable Energy, Solar Power generation, IoT sensors integration through the implementations of Smart Cities solutions, Smart Grid technology, incorporating wireless communication, mobile networks, broadband technology, Wi-Fi and various technologies embedded in the custom engineered solutions and hardware/software integration.

With innovation and governance as our business driver, Viper Networks integration and engineering adhere to the latest standards and engineering guidelines, addressing the emerging metropolitan innovation and client’s technological needs while addressing various governmental regulations, standards, data protection and integrity.

Recently, Viper Networks entered the FinTech space with All-in-one app CyberGrab and Cryptocurrency mining.


Farid Shouekani

President CEO

Tom Otrok

President International Operation

Nadim Romanos

Executive VP & International Business Development

Bassim Alkhafaji

Strategic Business Advisor & Technology Executive

Ali Al-Qaraghuli

Director of Engineering - Renewable Energy

Gamini Ranasinghe

VP SE Asia

C S R Raju

Executive Director - Renewable Energy

Shervin Bruno

Director of Caribbean Operations