Business Description

Viper Agriculture Technology (VAT) is a division of Viper Networks that focus on Hydroponic and Organic crop and plant growing system to service greenhouse operations and locations that is hard to support growing natural plants and crops.

We provide engineering services and products for the agriculture customers to help them produce the highest yield in the controlled environment and reasonable time.

Our Mission

Provide the best product in the market to our customers and satisfy their needs with the least environmental impact.

Product Features

  • Solar System
  • Different LED light wave (Red, Blue and White) for optimal growth.
  • LED light power range from 30 Watt to 240 Watt
  • Low heat radiation
  • Length from 1ft to 20 ft
  • Camera to monitor growth and security
  • Wireless control system for remote operation
  • Analog inputs for external sensors (Temperature, Humidity, etc.)
  • Programmable control system for different type of plants
Front View

Front View

120 Watt

120 Watt

Solid Stat

Solid State Cooling