Why LED Based Technology?

  • Lights are based on LED technology eliminate over 60% of energy.
  • The effect is immediate, cost effective and are totally Green.
  • LED lights replaces fluorescent tubes and incandescent bulbs in existing fixtures and for Street lights.
  • They last 50,000 hrs.
  • They use no ballast.
  • They contain no mercury.
  • Different diodes; Though hole, Surface Mounted Diodes (SMD) and LED Cluster Chips give potential for different applications.

Why Not Any LED?

  • What to Look for when considering LED lights:
  • Cannot generate enough lumens per watt.
  • LED lights replaces fluorescent tubes and incandescent bulbs in existing fixtures and for Street lights.
  • Use “off-shelf” components which are not specified to last long enough.
  • Use inferior components; if even one component fails the whole product fails.
  • Use generic diodes and may have gallium arsenide and lead in the solder.
  • Use 300 diodes which is not optimum and use 20-26W of energy.
  • They use Pulse Width Modulation (PWM) which will destroy the phosphor ahead of time.
  • PWM also cause the junction temperature to exceed the manufacturers minimums and the lifetime will be far shorter than expected.
  • Off the shelf Power Supply Units (PSU) may have a Power factor of 0.5 which doubles the Volt Amperage and not energy is saved.
  • The luminosity is not enough for a working space.

The LED Potential

  • It took 100 years to develop LED lights to were we are now which should give an indication how complicated the technology is.
  • The basis for LED lamps is the proprietary engineering and components.
  • The reason why we don’t use off the shelf or knock off parts is that even if one component does not fulfill the specs, the whole product fails and will not last 50,000 hrs.
  • All individual components have to be specified to the same or better than the specifications state.
  • If the diodes are binned the color temperatures will be consistent from batch to batch.

Current Product Line

  • T8 Tube Replacement
  • No Ballast
  • Retrofits in existing fixtures
  • Same LED tube for 120 – 277V
  • 15W ; PF>.9
  • Normal and high ceilings
  • 5W Incandescent A19/60W Replacement
  • Replaces Spots also
  • Retrofits in existing fixtures
  • Energy used 5W

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